Helping Orthodontists Grow Their Practice

and Surpass Revenue Goals

Are you tired of wasting money on SEO and lead generation that doesn't produce results? Have you been told that you have to increase your ad spend in order to receive more qualified leads, only to get minimal leads each month? How would you like to increase your return on investment and turn those cold or even warm leads into actual patients? At Rudolph Marketing our technology specialist will customize and deliver a streamlined process to bring in more high quality leads that convert into patients.

Our Approach


Our SEO, paid advertising and marketing funnels are customized and targeted to place your orthodontic practice in front of the right patients all within your geographical area.


Marketing strategy built to convert potential patients into booked appointments. The ones that don't convert will still stay connected and additional marketing campaigns will be used to get them through the door.


Using preventative retention for prior and existing patients. Our marketing services for orthodontists keep you engaged and building long term relationships with your patients.

We have built an entire network that funnels leads from marketplaces like Facebook, Yelp, search engines and blogging back to your website and so much more. At Rudolph Marketing we have figured out what google likes and how to be in compliance so that we not only increase organic rankings, but your site will also rank on the top of page one in local search results. The benefit of websites that appear on page one are deemed trustworthy and perceived as a leader in their field.

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Growing your orthodontic practice.

If your practice is partnered with the wrong technology agency, you could be leaving potential patients up for grabs for your competition to land. With over 20 years of experience, we utilize the latest in technology to make sure your practices gets in front of the patients that NEED your services.

Our orthodontic marketing services are customized, designed and proven to make it easy for your practice to scale your marketing efforts and increase appointment booking. Our programs are easy to onboard and give our doctors the ability to get back to focusing on patient care.

We utilize multiple forms of marketing that have stood the test of time and will attract clients to your practice with a long term goal to demonstrate value for your services, strengthen your brand loyalty and ultimately increase your patients.

Our Process

Consultation call

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Custom Strategy

Together we will create a marketing strategy customized specifically for your practice.

Grow your practice

This is where we put in motion the custom marketing strategy that is tailored specifically to grow your practice.

What Our Clients Say

About Us

Eric Villanyi

CEO - Innovative Services

Ryan with Rudolph Marketing helped bring my business to a relevant level. The best part about it all was that Ryan provided unparalleled customer service by allowing me to be part of the design process, as he communicated every step of the way on all the details of the business marketing design & vision. Ryan was so great to work with- I feel not only did he provide an amazing business product, but I was able to gain a friend out of the experience- even though I had never met him prior to this project!


Nancy Bronner

COO - Pollart Miller LLC

We enjoy working with Rudolph Marketing. We have hired them for many projects over the years and we will continue to do so in the future. Their designs are unique and creative, and their work is impeccable.

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